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Where did April go? And what will May bring?

It is hard to believe that April has come and gone and we are officially 6 weeks away from opening the clinic on June 10th.

April was a great month. Fun and productive.

Maidstone Trade Fair

Jackie, Abby and I, had the pleasure of attending the Maidstone Trade Fair on April 13/14. It was a great opportunity to shake hands and meet many people from town and the surrounding areas. We have been humbled and are very grateful for the warm welcome, kind words and support we have received to date. It is evident that there are a lot of people very excited to have a dental clinic right in the town of Maidstone....and we are happy and excited to provide it.

This is exactly what I was looking to do when my husband, Dustin and I, decided to pursue this venture (or AdVenture as I like to call it bc it has been an epic adventure) of building Maidstone Dental. We wanted to provide a big city service in a small town and area that was currently under serviced. When we did our research and decided where we wanted to build this rural clinic, Maidstone just made sense. It made sense not only bc we have spent time in the community working (Dustin has had many construction projects in Maidstone over the years) and participating in activities such as the ladies softball team over the years to know there are great people in this town and area, but also mainly because it was evident there was a huge need.

Currently, there are many people in this area that drive any where from 50-60+ minutes just to see a SK fee based dentist. That’s a long way to go to get a checkup and your teeth cleaned, let alone if you have to come for any other appointments. We have had many people tell us that to date, their checkup and cleaning has been an all day affair which has meant time off work and school to do this. Well not any more. With the clinic right in town, many people will be able to slip down from work or school and receive top notch dental services and excellent care. And for those that travel from surrounding communities, we’re happy to cut your drive, travel cost and time way from home or work way down. Another perk is at our office you will pay Saskatchewan based fees as opposed to the more expensive Alberta based fees found in Lloyd. So my thoughts are any time a person can save time and money that is a huge win and the best part is you will be coming to an excellent clinic with great equipment and technology and a highly trained and skilled team. There will not be any trade offs in coming to our small town dental clinic because we offer all the services and then some that you find in the city clinics.

Other things that happened in April was huge progress on the construction of the clinic. My husband, Dustin is doing a lot of the work himself with a helper. The progress that Dustin and the other trades made in April was astounding. The month started with a coat of mud and tape on the drywall and ended with paint done, cabinets and countertops in and the flooring down. The transformation has been incredible. I can’t wait to unveil the finished product in June. It will be beautiful.

Our dental team has been busy setting up computer software, ordering dental supplies, answering the phones, scheduling patients and planning and preparing for opening day.

I have purchased, owned and operated a few existing clinics over years but building a start up scratch practice has been the most challenging, fun and rewarding of all those experiences.

The month of May will prove to be an even busier and more productive month than April as the construction is completed, the dental equipment gets installed, we thoroughly clean up and move in all the furniture, equipment and supplies for the office. We have over ten days of team training planned with world class dental coaches and mentors from Calgary, Oklahoma, Las Vegas and St Louis. We will be working hard to have it facility and team ready to go for June 10.

And that’s all I have for an update for now. Every week this month of May 2019, I will be doing a “Services Spotlight” on Facebook and Instagram showing the different services we will offer at the clinic. So be sure to sign up to follow us and stay tuned.

Thanks for your time! Dr. Ellis (Erin)

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