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Unable to come see me... let's meet online

I have made myself available through our virtual consult platform. Feel free to send photos and ask me about any dental concerns you may have or what the possibilities are with your smile.

I am here to help, and I understand that you cannot always walk through my door when you would want to. So lets meet online and we can have a free virtual consult to discuss that particular concern, or to talk about what kind of possibilities are available for you and your smile. I cannot wait to see you either in the clinic or in this new virtual consult.

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1 Comment

Bob and Emily Farrell
Bob and Emily Farrell
Sep 17, 2020

Just wondering....I sent a picture and a couple of comments in connection with why I wanted to see you, and am not sure that I understand what you mean by a virtual appt...? Do you call me? Sorry, I’m not very computer literate🙂

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