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One of the recent challenges we have faced at the clinic and in dentistry abroad is a lack of the new PPE we are required to wear to perform certain dental procedures. The pic below shows a couple of us in our new gear of gown, surgical cap, face shield and a N95 mask with another mask on top

We quickly realized that the gowns, surgical caps and masks are very hard to come by right now.

Daina, one of our awesome team members had let Dr. Ellis know that her mom, Joanne is a talented seamstress and could maybe look at making us some gowns and caps.

Less than two weeks later we now have all the reusable gowns and masks we could need to last a long time.

THANK YOU JOANNE for sharing your talent with us and for working around the clock so we could have a part of the gear we need to be open and helping patients. Your work is remarkable and the gowns and caps are awesome!!!!

We have had other heroes in the form of patients and friends/family of our team help out by surprising us with N95 mask donations. We could not be more appreciative.....we have not yet been able to find a single source of legitimate N95 or KN95 masks (we have been the victims of counterfeit sales which was disappointing). We have been accumulating these N95 masks and are even open only based on the generosity of others. Thank you to all of you!! Our gratitude is immeasurable.

Pictured below, L to R - Daina, Joanne (our hero!!) and Dr. Ellis

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